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Do you buy presents for pets?

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Did you know that on average people spend more money buying Christmas presents for their pets than for their siblings.

That’s right, after partners, progeny and parents, pets get the next biggest share of the highly contested Christmas dollar.

In fact, in 2017 Australians spent more than $145 million on Christmas presents for their pets, and one of the spenders was our very own Nurse Kat.

“I’m a sucker for all that sort of stuff,” Kat says, “If I’m at the counter and there’s a fun looking cat toy there – I’m buying it!”

Whether it’s toys, treats or accessories (like collars or leads) Australians are embracing buying Christmas presents for their furry family members.

Dr Clare is another who likes to treat her pup come Yuletide. When asked if Rosie was getting a present this year the reply was swift.

“It’s already under the tree,” said Dr Clare, “and she’s got an advent calendar!”

But not everyone is on the buy-your-pets-a-present bandwagon. Practice Manager Chris was one in the office not climbing onboard.

“I have 10 grandchildren,” says Chris, “So the dogs don’t really make it onto the radar for presents.”

But Chris’ beloved collies won’t miss out entirely, “I’m sure they’ll get a special breakfast,” she confided.

But possibly the grinch prize for the clinic goes to our Principal Vet and Owner, Dr Tony. When asked if Riley would be getting a present this year the response was a tongue in cheek “No, my gift to him is the privilege of living with me!”

But that’s a great point we should remember.

Modern day pets do get a great gift by living with us. With the advances in health care, nutrition, the vast array of enrichment available to pets in the form of toys, puzzles or even dog parks; the lives of our pets have probably never been better.

It’s not unreasonable to consider that the greatest gift you can give your pet is to ensure they stay healthy, hale, happy and entertained. Face it; You’ve already given your pet the best gift they could ever have, and their love and affection returns that gift in spades.

But if you want an undertree treat what to give becomes the next question. We’ve been displaying some less than useful pet products on our Facebook Page recently, including pet/human translator apps, gadgets to “help” take photos, or even a laptop simulating cat-bed, but we don’t recommend any of these.

The best presents you can buy for your pet are those that help them stay healthy, happy or entertained. Puzzle feeders for pets that love to wolf down their dinner, tug toys for the pup to work that energy off before bed, wands to get your cat’s hunting instincts kicking in – toys that stimulate and promote exercise are some of the best choices.

If you want to give a tasty treat, look at dental sticks, greenies or other common treats that have a health benefit.

One thing we would happily recommend is buying a bag of our Peanut Butter Doggy Bone Biscuits or Tuna Kitty Kookies!

Handmade from fresh ingredients by our staff, all proceeds from the sales of these biscuits or kookies will go to the Animal Welfare League (AWL), a fantastic organisation doing great work and one that we are very happy and proud to support.

You can get your biscuits or Kookies from any of our clinics from Monday 16th December.

So, if you do want to give your moggy or mutt a present this Christmas – go for it! The fun of Christmas is in the joy of giving, so why not add to your joy by giving your furry compadre a present!

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