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The Tail Wag Newspawper

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Latest Issue

May 2020

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Tail Wag May 2020 smaller.jpg

Here it is - The Tail Wag Newspawper for May 2020!

This month we talk about those not-so-fungis - mushrooms, Hugo talks about life as an inside cat, and we hear how Lilly - a rescue cat handed into us a year ago - has fared since getting a forever home!

Remember, if you have any questions you want to ask, or anything you's like our newspawper to look at, don't be shy, send us a message - we love hearing from you!

In the meantime, we'll continue to do everything we can to continue to be the vets your pets would choose.

April 2020

Tail Wag April 2020a.jpg

Another bumper issue this month, with the introduction of teleconsulting to our Gawler Clinic, we look behind the sensationalist headlines for the story about COVI-19 and your cats, Hugo explores the “cat music” of David Teie, we’ve got 7 things to keep your dog healthy and happy while you work from home and finally … (drum roll please) … we unveil our upgraded website, now with more

information, more features, but still easy to navigate.

It’s been a tough time for everyone recently, and we just want to thank you for supporting us during this time. We’ve been around since 1952, we’ve been through floods, fires and recessions, and now a pandemic – but we’re still here to help, and we’re still the vets your pets would choose

March 2020

Tail Wag March 2020.jpg

This month’s Tail Wag we talk about COVID-19 and your pets, how they can’t get sick from it, what to do if you need a vet while you’re in isolation and how to access necessary medicines for your pet.

In more regular news, Hugo talks about the abundance of kittens we’ve seen recently and what that means about the desexing message and we celebrate Women’s History Month by telling the story of Melbourne’s Belle Bruce Reid, the first registered female vet in the British Empire.

As a final touch, to recognise that March is National Pet Poison Awareness month we’ve put together a Poison Awareness Lift-Out so you know what to look out for as poison hazards around the house.

Tail Wag February 2020.jpg
Tail Wag December 2019.jpg

February 2020

In this issue we team with artist Tineta Ellis to open the C.A.T. Gallery at our Tanunda Clinic, with the recent fires we look at how to get the most bang for your donation buck and see how SAVEM is bringing new innovations to emergency situations, we celebrate the Tour Down Under going through Tanunda, Hugo celebrates his team

with a story about delivering kittens, we introduce our Tooth Furries and we talk about how we're upgrading our website. Whew! What a start to the year!Don't forget, if you have any questions or need any advice about your pet, you can always ask your vet.

December 2019

In this issue we look at buying presents for pets and we have some suggestions if your looking for that perfect furry gift. We have some advice for looking after your pet during the holiday period, show off our Vets on Parade at the Barossa Christmas Parade, Hugo looks at how to keep pet breath fresh, the Tanunda Clinic is running a colouring competition and we have a puzzle page to keep the kids (of all ages) occupied till Christmas.

November 2019

Tail Wag November 2019.jpg

In this issue we talk about Parvovirus, how horrible it is, but also how to prevent your pup falling victim, we've got some tips for getting prepared for the upcoming Christmas holidays (they're coming to fast!), Hugo talks about how his kind are terrorising native animals and how we can change their behaviour, we look at keeping fit with your dog by joining in a parkrun and we talk about our float in the Barossa Chrismas Parade and the Peanut Butter Doggy Bone Biscuits and Tuna Kitty Kookies our staff will be making and selling this Christmas to raise money for the AWL.

Tail Wag October 2019.jpg

October 2019

In this issue we look at our new ways to pay as we introduce ZipPay and Openpay to all our clinics, we follow up on last month's bumper Tanunda issue, in the Kitten Kaboodle Hugo explains how science if finding out if your cat really loves you, we celebrate International Veterinary Nurses Day and hear about our nurses' roadtrip to learn about possum care

Tail Wag September 2019.jpg

September 2019

In this issue we talk about our efforts to buy local - and sent Stacey on a shopping spree (she pretended she hated it), Hugo gets kicked off the page as the Tanunda Clinic cats Edna and Jimmy take over the Kitten Kaboodle, we introduce you to Spottie Dottie Originals, talk about the affects of euthanasia on veterinary staff for RUOK day, we throw our support behind the Empowering Poppy initiative, talk about Spring's Pains in the Grass, announce our competition winners and introduce our vet pet of the month - Rosie.

Tail Wag August 2019.jpg

August 2019

This month we're talking about teeth, and how you can help prevent periodontal disease in your pet, Hugo tells us all about the Hero Rats of Cambodia (which he's decided not to eat), we meet our newest vetpet - Feta the Goat, and we discover that the Scandinavian sport of Kaninhopp - or rabbit show jumping - is taking off in Australia

The Tail Wag July 2019.jpg

July 2019

In this month's edition we've look at the Barossa Council's progress in constructing the two new dog parks planned for the region, acknowledge our very own Fear-Free Starr, share a warning from one of our clients  about citronella collars, meet Dr Atyeo's spoiled pooch Riley and Hugo throws down a challenge to his humans to help wipe out periodontal disease!

The Tail Wag June 2019.jpg

June 2019

In this month's edition we've got a story all about our very own Possum Magic!, We look at the Gawler Council's review of it's Animal Management Plan, Hugo talks about pain in cats and what vets are doing about it and we look at the positive impacts of pets on mental health.

The Tail Wag April 2019.jpg

April 2019

In this month's edition we've got advice on helping keep your dog at a healthy weight, we introduce some new team members, Hugo draws on his own life experiences to tell us how aging affects cats, we visit WECare Worldwide in Sri Lanka and acknowledge that it is Ehlers-Danlos Awareness Month.

March 2019

In this issue, it's training cats and dogs as we learn about the Catmantoo and his skating and surfing cats, learn some of the secret language of dogs, meet some new team members, hear about the return of the prodigal cat and Hugo (grudgingly) tells about how useful working dogs can be!

The Tail Wag #2 - October 2018.jpg

November 2018

In this issue we're showing off our brand new clinic (woohoo, exciting!), showing the cute graduates from our first puppy school class, we look at summers Pains in the Grass and help the local RSL to put together care packages for our service-men and women - and dogs!

The Tail Wag #1 - September 2018.jpg

October 2018

In our very first issue of the Tail Wag Newspawper we introduce our Puppy Preschool, have a look at the debate around dog parks, Hugo looks at making your cat's visit to the vet more bearable, we talk about our support for Mission Pawsible in Sri Lanka and there's even a Fun Fact Quiz to keep you entertained.