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Meet  our Fabulous 

Vet Nurses

On a typical day any one of our nurses might be called upon to shave and groom furry ones, hold stressed pets, administer aneasthetic, assist in surgery, clean up after nervous animals, assist with euthanasia, comfort distressed owners, answer phones, do home visits, respond to emergency situations and (deep breath) maintain a smiling happy face all the way through it!

We'd be lost without our Fabulous Vet Nurses!

Melissa Lewis

Veterinary Nurse

As a Cert IV Accredited and Registered Veterinary Nurse and the Vice-Chair of the VNCA, Mel is one of our most experienced nurses.

She thrives under the pressure of surgery, critical care and emergency situations, and is absolutely passionate about training the next generation of vets and vet nurses.

Ben Waldon

Veterinary Nurse / Reception

With a Diploma in Animal Technology, a Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing and experience with exotic animals from volunteering at both Adelaide and Monarto Zoos, we’re luck to have someone with Ben’s love and compassion for your pets on our team.

Ben adores Devon Rex cats (with a whole

Mel is also our resident MasterChef, who loves to spoil her co-workers with her amazing cooking. You might even see us showing of her skills on our Facebook Page.

Mel lives on a 20-acre farm we’ve dubbed “Animal Nirvana” with 7 horses, 9 sheep, Feta the Goat, 4 dogs, 6 cats, 1 ferret, as well as numerous ducks, chickens and turkeys!

tribe belonging to his extended family) and has a soft spot for unusual and pocket pets including mice, rats and turtles. He’s even made friends with his resident magpie – Mrs Magaret Pie!

Ben’s experience makes him an ideal person to ask those ‘pocket pet’ questions, and you’re bound to see him smile if you show him photos of your unusual pets!

Holly currently works as a Veterinary Nurse/Receptionist at our Gawler Clinic while she studies her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, but we can already see a great vet developing her skills.

Having wanted to be a veterinarian since she was little, Holly is loving the

experience she is getting working in a clinic before she graduates, and is getting to see all aspects of the business that can only make her a better vet in the future.

Originally from Victoria where she grew up with a pet cow that could be ridden and liked to roll over for belly rubs, she moved to SA to study and loves it here.

Holly’s now a Gawler local, where she lives with Albie – her menace of a border collie – 3 chooks and two resident possums.

Holly Taylor

Veterinary Nurse / Reception

working her way through university to become a veterinarian.

Previously Kay was a strapper at Morphettville Racetrack where she met and worked with some of the biggest winners in the world.

Kay takes a keen interest in feline medicine and large animal medicine, and her calm temperament and easy smile are an asset in any emergency situation.

With her chocolate Labrador Luci, Australian Kelpie Jack and her ragdoll cats, 

As a qualified Vet Nurse Kay’s interests lie in both large animal nursing and anything puppy or kitten - Kay loves her animals both big and small!

Working at our Tanunda Clinic, Kay has qualifications in Animal Studies, Business, and Racing (stablehand), and to top it all off, she is currently 

Kay Zander

Veterinary Nurse

Kat McDonald

Veterinary Nurse

Ask any of our vets, vet nurses or clients and they’ll tell you that Kat is one of the very best animal handlers and surgical nurses you can find, and she strives to make visits to the clinic enjoyable for both patients and clients.

With nearly a decade of experience as a vet nurse, Kat was inspired by her time at Moholoholo Rehab Centre in  

South Africa, where she spent time volunteering with sick and orphaned lions cubs, birds of prey, tamarins, servals, a rhino and jaguars.

And while Kat loves dogs, at heart she’s a cat person, living with her two neurotic cats – Fizz and Floki (who don’t like each other very much) - enjoys catching up on the latest Netflix has to offer and driving Mel crazy by hiding her coffee mug around the office.

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