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Why we offer complimentary services

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Let’s face it, we’re a business, and to stay open we need to make money - so why would we want to do things for free?

It’s pretty simple really. There are two reasons why we offer complimentary services at all three of our clinics - to help you and to help us.

Grey short haired cat lays facing forward with a pink toothbrush in its paws
Our complimentary dental checks help you keep on top of periodontal disease in your pet

We aim to help you take the best care of your pets and we know that it’s not always easy. There’s a lot that goes into keeping pets healthy these days, and we want to make it easy for you to take good care of your furry loved ones.

So, if your pet is watching their weight, bring them in for a weigh-in, meet one of our nurses and introduce your furry one. If it’s been a while since your guy or girls’ last dental check, book them in for one and test us out.

Moved house? Introduce your pet to us while we check if their microchip details are up to date, or just book them in to get their nails trimmed with a cuddle at no extra cost.

We make all these services very affordable because they are easy for our professional staff to do, and because they can make a big difference to the health and happiness of your pet - and that’s the main reason why we’re in the veterinary game in the first place.

But how does giving away free, sorry, I mean, complimentary services help us? Aren’t we a business, aren’t we just after your money?

Well, we’re pretty confident that we have the best vets and vet nurses in town, and we want to give people a free, no-obligation opportunity to try us out.

We’re sure our friendly and local staff will impress you, and we think if we give you a chance to see what we’re like, you’ll want to come back again and again!

And if we’re right, we grow our business - but only if we’re right.

That’s why we do our complimentary services, to help you take the best care of your pets, but also to give us a chance to shine.

And just to add a bit more incentive, anyone bringing their pet in for any of our complimentary services between the 15th and 31st of August goes into the draw for a $200 pet care voucher!

We’d love to meet your furry, feathered, scaled or tailed one, and we think they’d like to meet us as well, in fact, we think that if they had a choice, we’re the vets your pets would choose.

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