Treat Now; Pay Later

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

It’s a known fact (and we’re speaking from experience here) that pets only need the vet when you’ve got no money.

Labrador with bandage on front leg looks happy on the treatment table

It’s hard to budget for the unexpected, and it doesn’t feel good to leave your pet in discomfort while you wait for payday.

Owning a pet is an expensive undertaking. From vaccinations and desexing, to health checks, dental work, unexpected injuries and increasing health costs as they grow older - the money can rack up, and it’s not always easy to make sure you’ve got the costs covered.

So we’ve introduced some new ways you can pay. At all our three clinics, now you can make use of your ZipPay, ZipMoney or Openpay account to take care of your vet bill, or, if you prefer, you can still use our current Vetpay option.

These buy now; pay later in instalment credit facilities are becoming more popular among consumers, and we can see why.

When confronted with large sudden expenditures these services can help spread the payments out over several months and lessen the impact of the big hit on your household budget.

That’s why we have introduced ZipPay, ZipMoney and Openpay. With these facilities you can spread your repayments out over successive months, which can make a big difference to the finances when an unexpected vet bill arrives.

But it’s not just those big bills that these sort of payment options can help with.

If you’re anything like me, when it comes down to the end of the pay fortnight things can get a bit tight. When it comes to buying pet medicine versus other household expenses our furry ones can often miss out.

But with these new payment facilities you don’t need to make the choice. By paying with Openpay or ZipPay the bill is taken care of, puss or pooch stays comfy and healthy and you get to budget the expense over the next few weeks to ease the financial pain.

According to Gawler Clinic Administrator, Connie, the driving force behind introducing the new payment facilities, it’s about options.

“Our clinics place a big emphasis on prevention - which in the long run is much cheaper and easier than extensive treatments or cures”, says Connie.

“Facilities like Openpay or ZipPay are both a convenience and a lifeline to pet owners, giving them options when they otherwise wouldn’t have any.”

Connie was inspired to organise the payment facilities after seeing the financial impact emergency vet bills can have on household budgets.

“I’ve got a family and pets myself, and I know the tough choices you sometimes have to make when it comes to paying for treatment.”

“I wanted to find a way that could make it easier for families so that they didn’t have to face those difficult choices of pet care versus household necessities.”

To use Openpay or ZipPay you need to have an account, but these are simple and easy to set up online.

Operating like a limited credit card, the bill is paid and you are able to repay the charges over a period of weeks or months.

While there is a small administration fee, unlike credit cards there is no interest on the original costs, which helps avoid budget blow outs.

We’re always trying to find ways to make things easier for the customer, whether it’s our complimentary services, or our commitment to preventative treatment,” says Connie, “and this is just another way we could find to make things easier for you”.

You can now use VetPay, Openpay, ZipPay and ZipMoney at any of our three clinics.

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