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Updated: Jul 31, 2020

By Kirsty McGeown

Spottie Dottie Originals was established this year after the loss of our beautiful dalmatian Lola. For the past two years we have tried our very best to beat her skin cancer. But on June the 20th of this year, I kissed my girl for the very last time. It was one of the hardest days I have had to endure to date.

Rottweiller models a pet bandana
Bella wears a large in our spring collection

Lola left behind her loving sister Bella, a rottweiler cross American ridgeback. As a family we have done everything we can to give our old girl the extra attention she needed after losing her sister. One random night I decided to get out my sewing machine and try to make her a bandana. I didn’t want anything that tied up or that would annoy her. So I came up with a design that would slide over her collar.

From there a made a few samples and took photos. Bella didn’t mind and still doesn’t mind being my model. It didn’t take long before friends and family were asking for some to be made for their pets. It was my husband Sam who had suggested turning the bandanas into a business. From there I put things in motion and Spottie Dottie Originals was created in honour of our dog, Lola.

We are currently stocked in two locations but are based in Williamstown SA. We take orders on our Instagram page and are always willing to post out orders.

I will be show casing my bandanas on the 25th of October at the Twilight Fair in Williamstown. I have many designs and patterned materials to choose from. I have

Two small dogs model Spottie Dottie Originals bandanas
Hugo and Davey model our medium and small swirl range

created a bandana for those special holidays and important dates throughout the year. In stock we have a bandana for you to wear on your birthday, a few different Christmas bandanas so you too are included in the celebration. Other big iconic days will also be catered for like Halloween, Easter and Australia Day. And let’s not forget the best day of all for most, soon to be designed wedding range!!

I try my very best to meet the requests of customers if they have a colour or theme needed. We also cater for those collars that are very wide and I custom make their bandana to fit. Our bandanas are not just limited to dogs. Our cat Tigger is also a much loved model on our page along with some others cats and even a rabbit.

I am very proud of how far Spottie Dottie Originals has come in such a short amount of time and we have no need to stop any time soon, my only hope is this new found adventure continues to grow! My name Kirsty McGeown and I am the proud owner of SPOTTIE DOTTIE ORIGINALS.


UPDATE: We're glad to say that very soon you'll be able to purchase your own Spottie Dottie Originals at our Tanunda Clinic, with all proceeds going straight to Kirsty so she can keep her local business growing!

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