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Updated: Jul 31, 2020

The first 16 weeks of a puppy’s life are crucial to their long-term development into healthy, well-adjusted adult dogs, and Puppy Preschool is a great way to start them on the right track.

Happy border collie puppies playing on the grass
The Gawler Veterinary Services brand new Puppy Preschool has a spot for your new pup

Puppies develop their vital social skills between 3 - 16 weeks of age. Everything they experience during this time will have an impact on them for the rest of their life.

It’s an unfortunate fact that around 10% of euthanased dogs are destroyed due to behavioural issues - issues which, more often than not, could have been avoided through early intervention and socialisation training.

According to Dr Chalette Brown (pictured), the best way to avoid behavioural issues is to start early.

Dr Chalette Brown with Bailey the Dachie
Dr Chalette Brown with Bailey the Dachie

“We know from research that there is greater success with puppies staying with their adoptive families if they completed puppy preschool and were handled frequently while young,” says Dr Brown.

Puppy Preschool teaches your puppy how to interact appropriately within the family and community, as well as teaching the basic obedience skills and manners.

At Gawler Veterinary Services, we’re making our final preparations to re-introduce puppy pre-school classes for our clients and their new family members. Using reward based, positive reinforcement training - the most effective and humane method to teach your puppy how to behave appropriately.

Jen McKinlay with her dog outside the Gawler Veterinary Clinic
Head Nurse, Jen McKinlay outside Gawler Veterinary Services

Our team, led by Dr Chalette Brown (BSc DVM MANZCVS, Veterinary Behaviour), GVS Head Nurse Jen McKinlay, and Vet Nurse Kristy Taylor know puppies, have the expertise to help you teach your little furball how to behave around the family and other animals.

Our first round of puppy pre-school classes commenced on Tuesday 28th August, held at our Gawler Clinic in Willaston, they between 7-8pm for four consecutive weeks, but it’s not to late to book your place for future classes, just give our friendly staff a call and they’ll help organise a class that’s best for you.

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