Say Cheese to Feta

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

You know that thing where you go shopping and end up with something you didn’t know you needed until you saw it?

Goat kid stands facing the camera and looking like it is smiling
Feta the goat with her very cute smile!

That’s what happened to Vet Nurse Brittany when she went to the Gawler Markets to see what they had.

They had goats.

They also had people in attendance who were in the market for buying goats for meat.

Well Brittany overheard the conversation about how much to pay for goat meat, took one look at that cute little smile on Feta’s face and started bidding.

The end result is that cute little Feta, instead of ending up as a curry, gets to go live out her life on Mel and Brittany’s farm - the place we’ve started to call “Animal Nirvana” because of all the love and care the animals lucky enough to live there receive.

Since her rescue, Feta has spent a bit of time hanging out at the Gawler Clinic, keeping some of the weeds down and generally worming her way into the hearts of the staff.

While Feta won’t be a regular at the clinics (the farm is a much nicer place for her), she will be dropping in from time to time so we can see her cute little smile, because whether they’re cats, dogs, rabbits, reptiles, cavys or even goats - we love them all!

Vet Nurse Brittany stands outside the Gawler Clinic with Feta the goat in her arms
Feta gets a cuddle from her rescuer Brittany

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