Possum Magic!!

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Possum Magic came to the Gawler Clinic last month, when we were handed a little native visitor in a bad way.

Our still nameless little visitor was found wet, cold, and comatose by a local family who had been holidaying in Mannum.

Australian marsupial possum is held in the hands of a vet nurse and looks into the camera
Hush everyone, keep quiet for our little possum girl

She’d been caught in the storm the previous evening, and had fallen out of a tree and lost her mother.

The kind family that found her did their best to try and find her mum, and then look after her when mum couldn’t be found. But after a night out in the storm, the little girl was tired, weak, and very cold.

Despite everything they did (and our vet staff were very impressed with their efforts), the trauma was too much for the little possum girl. She was cold, lifeless, and just not responding to anything the family tried.

Left with a seemingly dead possum, they decided to do the right thing and give it a decent burial.

Only, after they’d dug the hole and placed the furry little girl in there - SHE MOVED!

Quick as a flash she was out of the hole, covered in warm blankets and rushed to our Gawler Clinic, where, after some tender love and care from our vets (including a very gentle hair dryer warm up from Vet Nurse Brittany), she began to warm up and show some signs of recovery.

Warm, moving, eating and looking full of life, this little possum has literally come back from the grave!

After her initial perking up, she went to stay in what I like to call “Animal Nirvana” - which is actually Mel and Britt’s farm, where she continued to receive round the clock care for the next week or so.

And we are really happy to report that she is looking good! So good, in fact, that she felt happy to come in for a photo shoot.

Native Australian possum sits on Mel the Vet Nurse's shoulder
Our little girl sits happily on Mel's shoulder!

We’ll be watching her progress over the next few days and weeks, and she’ll probably need a lot more recovery time on the Nirvana farm, but all signs are looking good for our little bit of possum magic!

What’s the plan for her future? Well, when she has grown some more, and got used to looking after herself, Mel and Brittany are planning to take her back to Mannum, to the same caravan park she came from.

Good Luck little possum magic girl!

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