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New chapter begins for Tony

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

For 66 years Gawler Veterinary Services (under its various names and incarnations) has been providing care to the animals of the area.

Originally founded by former Mayor of Gawler Dr Bruce Eastick in 1952, Dr Atyeo joined the practice in 1973 as a fresh-faced graduate of the University of Sydney Veterinary Faculty, and has spent his career tending to the pets, working and farm animals of the local area.

But having occupied their previous residence on Bright Street in Willaston since 1981, it became obvious to Dr Atyeo that the time had come to upgrade.

“A lot has changed since I first joined the practice back in 1973,” says Dr Atyeo, “and the expectations on what veterinarians can and will do has changed dramatically”.

When Dr Atyeo first started all those years ago, the practice was essentially dependant on the rural sector.

“Back in the 70’s our workload was primarily farm animals and horses, the equipment we had available was very basic, and most of the time we were working out in the fields well away from the convenience of the clinic,” explains Dr Atyeo, “but this has shifted gradually but steadily over the years as companion animals have not only become more common, but also come to be seen as one of the family”.

With the decline in rural industries around the area, the emphasis of Gawler Veterinary Services has changed from treating farm and working animals, to making sure furry family members receive the best treatment, and as the pet owning public has become prepared to spend more on caring for their pets, their expectations of what a vet can deliver have changed.

“In the early days we had no access to specialists, and we had to do what we could with minimal resources,” said Dr Atyeo, “but these days most consults take place in a clinic with facilities that include ultrasounds, blood tests and a vast array of medications specifically made to treat our pets”.

“In addition to our clinical services, we have access to specialists in behaviour and training, dermatology, radiology, oncology, surgical medicine – the array of options that we have available to give pets the best care would have been inconceivable to me when I first began”.

“We’re looking forward to being able to continue to provide the care and attention to our patients that their owners expect, and we’re really happy to begin a new era in a brand new clinic”.

Gawler Veterinary Services opened the doors on its new clinic on Tuesday 13th November. Situated on Redbanks Road, the new clinic has been purpose designed to provide the best possible solutions to veterinary pet care, including separate dog and cat waiting areas and consult rooms, a brand new treatment room and operating theatre, an onsite laboratory, brand new accommodation for our patients and heaps of car parks.

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