Making Feta Betta

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Britt and Mel’s goat, Feta, is on the road to getting better after breaking her leg, and she’s pretty happy to be sticking with her friends Polly the dog and Patch the sheep!

Britt holds Feta up for the camera
Vet Nurse Britt and one lucky goat!

You see, Feta likes to jump. She uses Mel’s old Barina as a trampoline, jumps out of any enclosures she’s put into and loves – and we mean loves – to climb into the pepper tree.

Unfortunately, graceful as Feta is climbing up into the tree, she’s somewhat less graceful getting down, and last week she came crashing back to earth a bit too heavily and ended up fracturing her back leg.

Well, for many goats that would have been it. What to do with an injured goat? The main advice Mel received was to have it butchered and eat it.

But seriously, look at that face. Can you really imagine doing that to such a cute little billy-face?

So, Mel brought Feta into the clinic. Now we don’t usually treat farm animals, but we do have Dr Tony, who has years of experience and has treated more than one or two goats in his time. Feta was prepped, x-rayed, and the damage was assessed.

Medical x-ray image showing dislocated hip of a goat
Feta's x-ray showed she'd done some real damage coming out of the pepper tree

Next Mel talked with her old boss at the Riverland Vet Clinic. She knows from experience how good Dr John Hammond is when it comes to animal orthopaedics, and he didn’t disappoint.

unconcious goat on the operating table ready for surgery
Feta prepped and ready for surgery to start

After an initial assessment where Dr said he could save Feta, but would have to perform a femoral head ablation – basically cut the top of her femur off! But soon Dr Hammond changed his mind. He could fix this, he reckoned. He press-ganged Mel into service, they scrubbed up and 3 hours of surgery later Feta – one lucky goat – kept both her leg and her life!

After a day of recovery at the Gawler Clinic, Mel was happy to take her home last night, back to Polly and Patch.

And you can see by the love she’s showing Mel, it looks like Feta knows how lucky she is to have Mel and Britt as her owners!

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