It takes a Valley to Raise our Spirits

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Rust coloured dog stares sadly out from between the vines

We’re finding times in the Barossa to be pretty tough, and if you own a business in the Valley, you’re probably doing it tough as well.

In economic terms the Barossa Valley is in a bit of down-turn at the moment. The worst vintage for over a decade combined with the seasonal drop in tourist numbers through the winter is having a real impact on businesses in the region.

Anecdotally we are hearing of people having their hours cut, sales being down in local stores, and workers taking enforced ‘holidays’ in order to help local businesses survive. All in all, it’s tough times in the Valley.

This was the dilemma we faced when we sat down to work out what we could do to help our Tanunda Clinic survive through the downturn.

So, what are we, a business that relies on our clients spending to survive, to do? I mean, let’s face it, if you haven’t got the money, it doesn’t matter what sort of incentives, discounts or specials we offer – if you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it.

So we decided that the best way to help ourselves is to help you.

We can’t suddenly convince you to spend money you don’t have, but we can do our bit to help the region survive the tough times by spending our money locally and trying to support the local businesses of the Valley.

We decided we’d get some new signage – with our new logo – and we’re getting Darren

Advertising signage for Tanunda Vet Clinic
The design of one side of of our new signage coming to the Tanunda clinic

from Colorfast Graphics in Tanunda to do the fabrication and installation – making sure we spend our money locally.

We’ve sent Stacey on a shopping spree, looking to get some new plant baskets and maybe some benches to transform the front of our clinic into a beautiful place to come and rest when you’re out walking your pup during the summer.

We’ve begun making contact with pet related businesses that our staff use, love and endorse, hoping that we can promote their businesses through our newsletter and social pages.

And we’re looking for those local causes and initiatives to support – like Red Door Espresso’s fantastic August promotion to help raise money and resources for Safe Pets Safe Families.

Front view of Red Door Espresso coffee shop in Tanunda
Great work by Red Door Espresso and all their generous clients for raising money and resources for Safe Pets Safe Families during August

What’s in it for us, you ask?

Well, we’re firm believers that the bad times will pass. The summer will come and bring with it the tourists; the vintage will improve and increase; the wine will start to flow again, and people all across the Barossa will be able to finally afford to do those things that they have been going without while they keep themselves afloat.

And when that happens, we know that our business will turn around – just like yours will.

In the meantime, we’re determined to get behind the local community, to put our money and our support behind you.

We know that when we all pull together we can last through the tough times and come out the other end stronger.

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