Each month we take a slightly more in-depth look at the issues that surround pet ownership in the local area and across Australia.

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JUNE 2019

Winter brings us our very own bit of Possum Magic when the Gawler Clinic receives a visit from a little native critter in a bad way, we look at the Gawler Council's review of their Animal Management Plan and how you can make your voice heard, Hugo talks about understanding pain in cats, and how vets are tackling the issue, and we look at the positive effects of pets on mental health, so grab a cuppa, sit back and keep up with the latest, in the Tail Wag Newspawper!

MAY 2019

We're getting in the swing of things now, and in this issue we find out how to tell if your dog is overweight, and what you can do about it, we meet some new staff members, and say goodbye for now to one of our favourite vets, Hugo draws on his own experience to talk about the way cats' health needs change as they age, we join the zebras to #dazzletogether and we look at the great work of WECare Worldwide as they work to help the street dogs of Sri Lanka.

MARCH 2019

In this issue, it's training cats and dogs as we learn about the Catmantoo and his skating and surfing cats, learn some of the secret language of dogs, meet some new team members, hear about the return of the prodigal cat and Hugo (grudgingly) tells about how useful working dogs can be!


It's a bumper issue for January as we show off our brand new clinic, talk about Summer's pain in the grass, meet our first Puppy Preschool graduates, hear about the RSL's Christmas packages and launch our February special on all Hills Food products!


In this issue, we launch our new puppy preschool, talk about the best way to use dog parks, and straight from the cat's mouth Hugo tells us how help make feline visits to the vet a little bit nicer!

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